Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Slow preparation

Well, I trust I will get there but the mishap with the hoover yesterday and the return to the fracture clinic tomorrow means that my prep is currently mental (that could be taken two ways!) I have made M5142 several times, in standard denim, stretch denim and on the bias. Easy enough pattern and, Morgan, we have means of getting rid of the "baggies" if they appear in the fitting! As for crotch alterations, my seam ends up like a low letter U with a wide base.
As I mentioned on the forum I have some spare rivets and will try to upload some photos as there are a couple of styles.
I was thinking of the Betzina jeans but am doubtful about the extra pockets - will they add too much to the original, enormous hips or should I even bother because I don't wear things tucked in? I also have the Jalie pattern traced and ready to fit and that has some excellent reviews. Oh, decisions, decisions.


  1. Oh Moley, Fracture clinic & mishap - I hope the two are not connected.and that recovery is swift, both you and vacuum. Perhaps DH could take over your share of domestic chores (in the interests of your safety of course). Just think, how much extra time you'd have for preparation, sewing and the like.

    Re Vogue 1034 Sandra Betzina New Jeans.
    Those lovely long swooping curves on the front pockets do make for a rather stylish and interesting feature. They can work wonders to create the impression of some roundness for those with straight up and down body shapes and V frames.
    Those of us with ample curvature already may not appreciate the emphasis factor quite so much.
    However, the double pocket line is an interesting idea so for curvacious and broad hipped gals, an alternative is to change the edge to a steep, straight diagonal line. To get the steepness it may help to move the top point further along the waistband join toward the hip.

    There is a similar issue with the curves on the back pockets. Curvy shaped pockets a great device for suggesting more roundess or enhancing what is already there. Some women like the emphasis that pockets with curve shapes give to a full and rounded bootiliscious derriere.

    Rear Pocket placement can be used to good effect to accentuate or minimise hips by checking the angle of the pockets and distance between the pocket corners at the bottom.
    Although it may not work for every scenario with jeans, features with angles and straight lines work well for women who have curves. Swoops, swirls and curves are good choices for those who want to enhance or create an illusion of fullness.

    1. I made the Sandra Betzina jeans late last year as a wearable toille - good job as the denim stretches on wearing and doesn't recover!! They fit fine straight after washing but by evening are at least a size too big!! That's the cheapo fabric tho and not the pattern.
      Anyway, those front pockets, I chose this pattern because I liked the pockets and thought they were different enough to be interesting but whichever pocket I put things in it's always the other one that my hand goes into to retrieve it!! A minor point really and nothing to do with fitting but it's beginning to bug me...
      I only wear these jeans around the house because of the 'stretch' factor but I'm already debating whether to include both pockets in my next pair. Just something for you to think about.
      Son o mine ripped his last pair of jeans yesterday so my shadowing pair may well be men's jeans in size xxxl - he's 6'8" remember with a girth to match. I just need extra denim as the 2m I have may only cover one leg! Lol