Friday, 26 April 2013

Materials for jeans sewalong

I am planning to make the toile from this white cotton drill and then dye them turquoise. I was hoping to dye the fabric first but the dye seems to be taking an age to arrive - we'll see maybe I can still do that if it arrives in the next few days - but I don't want to get behind so I may just have to go with it as it is and try dyeing afterwards.

There is an option on the pattern to have zips on the pockets.  I haven't really decided about pockets yet and will have to make several practice ones, so I have bought some extra zips just in case I do choose that option.  I am going to use Vogue 1034 but without all the button bling :) I am hoping to learn to do some good topstitching and have bought lots of colours of topstitching thread for future projects so I had better start practising.

This is some non stretch denim from fabricland.  It was really creased when it came out of the tumble dryer but it looks a lot better now it has been pressed.  I am hoping I have enough of this african wax fabric remnant for the pockets etc. but if not I will buy some quilting cotton.


  1. happy sewing ! sewing pants with a zipper is one of the things I'm going to talk myself into doing this year lol!

  2. Mmmm - lovely stuff. Everyone seems to be going for loud fabrics for their pocketing. I made this pattern earlier in the year and was really surprised at how good a fit they were to start with as I didn't need to do anywhere as much alteration as I thought I would. It's worth reviewing the suggested topstitch design on the back pockets, as it points directly at a big bum. Not that I'm suggesting you have a big bum, but I do and I'm going to change it. I'll stop digging now!

  3. Yay the dye arrived this morning :) I have some white drill left from another project so I might see if I can cobble together enough for a toile to scribble on (you're right that's so freeing and will be easier to get the best fit) and make a proper turquoise pair.
    Don't worry about the pocket comments :)

  4. Hi,

    I am not sure how I missed this. Is it too late for me to join in this. I am actually on schedule with you and I have already completed my muslin.