Pattern Resources


Here are links to some of the more popular patterns that are around at the moment.  Remember that the pattern is just the start point in your jeans journey and there may well be quite a few fitting amendments along the way.

There are plenty of other patterns out there!  The one that I will be making is from a Finnish magazine, Ottobre Woman.  It's the 5/2012 issue (they only do 2 per year), which had lots of great garments in it.  This will be the first time I've made Ottobre trousers, so I'm sure there will be plenty of fitting to be done.  I have already made Vogue 1034, which is a Sandra Betzina pattern.  It gives loads of really good fitting tips, but most of these are in the separate resources section of this blog.  If you're a curvy girl with hips, it's a good fit, and I'll eventually make another of these.

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