Sunday, 13 January 2013

A guided sewalong for jeans.

She who dares, wins (a lovely pair of jeans). This is a paced group sew along for sewistas who feel that it's about time they had a pair of jeans that is everything they want it to be. Jeans or jeans cut trousers are one of the closes fitting garments may of us wear. Whether a wardbrobe basic, fashion statement or something in between, most women have at least one pair of jeans, but how many of us have jeans that fit properly? You know, well fitted, right style, right colour, right everything. You'll probably be realistic enough to know that that's rarely going to happen in the universe of RTW. Welcome to the alternative universe of the sewista, where dreams can come true. Well, in so far as making a great pair of jeans is concerned, anyway.The pace isn't going to be fast and furious - it's not a race. Momentum will be maintained, though, to make sure that you don't forget everything you thought of and learned the last time you picked up that project. There will be enough time between stages to resolve any problems that pop up during the process and also plenty of assistance and experience sharing along the way.So why join in? Well, take a moment to imagine......- a waistband that fits properly front and back with no gaping or need to wear a belt;- banish those oh so awful muffin tops from ill-fitting, too tight waistbands;- have a rise that's ideal for your shape, be it full, medium, low or ultra-low;- a crotch seam that's the correct length. Why? Think of whale tales, bum nicks, and full blown bike parks;- jeans with a bottom shape that fits the cheeks and curves, or lack of, rather than the dreaded mono-bum. Bottoms are different shapes and, just like our faces, cheeks have curves and fullness in different places. Even the mis-named 'flat bottom' has some curves.If you're too shy to join in, follow along with us anyway and give it a go - what's to lose apart from the chance of a great pair of jeans? You know you want to!